In order to help all refugees coming to Sweden Akelius Foundation has decided to allocate up to thirty million SEK in order to produce a language course in Swedish, hire tutors to Cape East and make Cape East into to best refugee camp in Sweden.

The hotel, spa and conference facility Cape East in Haparanda is owned by Akelius. It has during 2015 been let as a refugee camp for up to 500 refugees.

The most important thing for immigrants in order to be accepted into the new society and get a job is to learn the new language.

Refugees have to wait up to a year before they are “approved” of the Swedish authorities. It is first after their approval that they can study Swedish in a subsidized way.

Akelius Foundation wants to help all refugees coming to Sweden to learn Swedish and to make Cape East into the best refugee camp in Sweden. In order to fulfill this, Akelius Foundation has hired tutors that assist the refugees in learning Swedish at Cape East. Akelius Foundation will also develop a language course in Swedish that everyone will be able to use in order to learn Swedish, independently of former language skills and languages spoken.

The language course will be available on computers, surf pads and smartphones. The language course will be available for free for everyone.

Akelius Foundation has also donated two hundred surf pads, forty guitars and twenty bikes to the refugee camp at Cape East.