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the Foundation

Founder Roger Akelius has donated 85 percent of Akelius Residential Property AB to Akelius Foundation.
The Foundation is registered in the Bahamas and its purpose is charity.
The Foundation owns itself, it has no owners or members.

The Foundation is governed by a Council, following a regulatory framework created by the founder.
The money cannot for example, go to a religious or political purpose.

It is the members of the Council who nominate or unseat other members.
Two protectors monitor the Council as internal auditors and ensure that the Council follows its duty.

the purpose of the Council

The Foundation’s legal body, the Council, consists of four members.

These members perform their duties with similar responsibilities as the members of a board of directors of a Swedish limited company.

The following four members, the Council, govern the Foundation

Kerstin EngströmChairman
Board member Akelius Residential Property AB
Master of Laws; LL.M.
Igor RoguljBoard Member Akelius Residential Property AB,
owner of an architectural and development company
registered nurse, Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Anna Maria FuxénSecretary
Bachelor in Corporate Finance
former Board member Akelius Fastigheter AB

the purpose of the protectors

The protectors consist of two persons who are not Council members.

The protectors shall act as internal auditors for the Foundation with the prime responsibility of ensuring that the Council members and the Foundation perform their and its mandate.

The protectors are

Demetris SyllourisManaging director Akelius Apartments Ltd
Nicole CieslikManaging director Akelius Languages Online GmbH

the purpose of Akelius Foundation

The purpose is charity and the Foundation will donate to

- the Akelius Business School and its students, grants and allowance to students for studies and for research, contribution for the development of courses
- children in need, such as the ongoing cooperation with SOS Children's Villages helping one thousand children during 25 years 
- refugees and other people suffering from government actions, in need of medical care

Akelius Foundation may not donate to other purposes such as

- supporting wildlife
- culture
- religion

- sport
- tourism
- peace

- environment
- politics
- human rights

- gender rights

Within a given calendar year, donations may not exceed five percent of the Foundation's assets value.